Mary Poppins Props Run Crew needed ASAP

Position Purpose and Objectives

Under the direct supervision of the Properties Designer/Supervisor and Deck Crew Chief, the Props Run Crew is responsible for setting and maintaining show props and providing personal props for the cast during each performance. Duties include maintaining prop show run paperwork; maintaining show props, furniture, and set dressing; and running props during the show for the production.


Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Creating and maintaining the props run list for the production.
  • Checking all show props, furniture, and set dressing for maintenance, repair, and replacement needs.
  • Working with the actors to properly carry and use personal props as well as how to hand off and set personal props.
  • Presetting and sanitizing all props and furniture for each show, including cleaning and filling the water cooler for each performance.
  • Working with the Stage Management, Stage Carpenter, and Run Crew to assist with spiking the stage, maintaining and repairing the set as necessary, and working together to maintain a clean and safe backstage crew area and storage space.

General Job Responsibilities

  1. Coming to work promptly and regularly.
  2. Managing personal work flow effectively.
  3. Completing assigned tasks accurately and in a timely manner.
  4. Problem solving and reacting to change productively and professionally.
  5. Taking direction and working well with others.
  6. Behaving professionally within the work environment.
  7. Performing other tasks as assigned and working as part of a team.


Experience and Knowledge Required

  • Professional run crew experience required.
  • Knowledge of the usage of various paints, glue, and media.
  • Must be comfortable with heights, including climbing ladders and operating lifts.
  • Ability to repeatedly lift, push, or maneuver up to 50-70 lbs. either alone or with assistance.
  • Night and weekend work is required.
  • Reliable transportation is required.
Instructions to Apply:

Please email your resume and three references to Cassy Schillo, Properties Design Supervisor, at c.schillo@drurylane.com.

To apply for this job email your details to c.schillo@drurylane.com

Pay Range: $50-$55/show depending upon experience