Costume Director

Drury Lane Theatre

Position Designation: Full Time Salaried

Position Reports To: Managing Director

Position Purpose and Objectives
Under the broad supervision of the Managing Director, the Costume Director is responsible for
working with the Costume Designer to produce their artistic vision while remaining in budget,
meeting established deadlines, and assuring the costumes meet the quality standards of Drury
Lane Productions. The Costume Director is responsible for collaborating with the Executive
Producer and the Costume Designer; coordinating and facilitating costume purchases, rentals,
and returns; facilitating and participating in costume fittings; working professionally with all
production departments; and attending meetings for the production department and Drury Lane
organization as needed.

Specific Job Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

1. Facilitating the costume pre-production process by meeting with the Costume Designer
to review the costume designs and assure they can be accomplished within budget of
time and money.
2. Scheduling and participating in the design review process with the Executive Producer,
Managing Director, and Associate Artistic Director. Working with the Costume Designer
to creatively address changes from this meeting and to resolve any challenges brought
3. In conjunction with the Costume Shop Manager, create a plan for executing the designs,
including creating timelines and plans for costume builds, rentals, and purchases; pulling
of items from the warehouse with the Costume Designer, and presenting the plan to the
Managing Director and Production Manager for discussion and approval.
4. Scheduling and participating in the fabric review process with the Executive Producer,
Managing Director, and Associate Artistic Director. Working with the Costume Designer
to creatively address changes from this meeting and to resolve any challenges brought
5. Searching for and securing costume rentals for productions, including costume pieces,
show numbers, and complete packages; traveling to rental houses to evaluate packages
when possible; and assuring that all rental costumes are returned according to the
agreed upon contract.
6. In conjunction with the Costume Shop Manager, sending out costume packages to
appropriate costume studios for bid, reviewing all bids, contracting all studios, working
with the studios throughout the costume production process, and assuring all costumes
arrive as designed and on time.
7. Recruiting and hiring costume design assistants as needed, including working to set up
clear guidelines and responsibilities, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and managing
workflow and quality assurance on each task.
8. Researching and purchasing costumes, shoes, underwear, and accessories for each
production; working to remain on budget and on schedule; assuring that items arrive for
fittings, rehearsals, dress parade, and performances; submitting all receipts for tracking
to the Costume Shop Manager; and assuring all items to be returned are returned on
9. Scheduling and participating in early costume fittings in either New York or Chicago and
working with Stage Management and the Costume Shop Manager to schedule all
10. Working with the Director and Stage Management to address questions and concerns,
providing items needed for rehearsal, discussing costume needs as they arise, serving
as the Designer’s representative when the Designer is not present, and collaborating
with the Designer on notes as they are presented.
11. Participating in all fittings and working with the Costume Designer to address actor
needs, design needs, and needs for the production.
12. Attending at least one designer run through with the Costume Designer and addressing
concerns and challenges with the Designer prior to transitioning into technical
13. Facilitating the schedule and process of the dress parade for the actors. Working with
the Director, Costume Designer, Managing Director, Associate Artistic Director and
Production Manager to address items as they arise during the parade; and planning for
note completion to transition from the dress parade to technical rehearsals.
14. Reviewing Costume Parade photos with the Executive Producer, prior to technical
rehearsals, to address any concerns.
15. Working with the Wardrobe Supervisor to review quick changes, address actor needs,
and plan for technical rehearsals and other costume and wardrobe needs, including
providing a costume piece list and change list to the Wardrobe Supervisor prior to
entering technical rehearsals and updating paperwork throughout the technical rehearsal
and preview process.
16. Attending technical rehearsals to work with the Costume Designer, Actors, and
Wardrobe staff to assure costumes are functioning properly, address actor needs,
service the design of the production, and prioritize notes from technical rehearsals,
assuring the completion of notes by deadlines.
17. Facilitating all understudy fittings and overseeing notes from these fittings, assuring that
all notes are completed and understudy costumes are available by press opening.
18. Assisting the Costume Shop Manager on each TYA production by gathering
measurements, scheduling and participating in fittings, acquiring costumes, and ordering
items needed.
19. Collaborating with the Costume Shop Manager on the restocking of costumes and the
cleaning, organization, and maintenance of the costume shop and costume storage
20. Working with Managers from Lucille, House Management, and Special Events to
coordinate uniform fittings and alterations.
21. Facilitating special projects and requests for Drury Lane Producers as needed.

General Job Responsibilities
 Arrive to work promptly and regularly
 Accept direction and establish and maintain effective work relationships
 Concentrate and perform accurately while working under the stress of deadlines
 Collaborate effectively with a wide variety of personalities and situations requiring
diplomacy, tact, friendliness, poise and firmness
 Demonstrate an understanding of, sensitivity to and appreciation for the diverse ethnic,
socio-economic, disability and gender diversity of artists, guests and staff
 Ability to work varied shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays
 Present proof of eligibility to work in the United States
 Travel may be required
 Present proof of COVID-19 vaccination and most current booster
 Reliable transportation required

Supervisory Responsibilities
1. Directing workflow of others.
2. Scheduling others to specific shifts and/or assigning their workload.
3. Training others in their department and troubleshooting their work.
4. Possessing the authority to hire or fire other employees (or make effective
5. Implementing theatre policies.

Direct Reports: Overhire costume design assistant

Experience and Knowledge Required
– 5-7 years’ experience as a Costume Designer, Asst./Associate Costume Designer,
Costume Design Assistant/Associate, Asst. Costume Shop Manager, or Costume Shop
Manager with the following skill set:
~ Strong and elevated design eye
~ Tracking and maintaining budgets
~ Creating and managing timelines while meeting established deadlines
~Solving problems effectively, efficiently, and creatively
– Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Costume Technology and Design preferred.
– Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google applications required.
– Access database experience preferred.
– Effective communication skills (written, oral, and visual).
– Familiarity with all aspects of theatre (production, technical, and performance).
– Familiarity with costume design, construction practices, materials, and costume crafts
– Proven abilities in time management, organization, and collaboration.
– Ability to lift 45 lbs.
– Ability to work long hours and work on a flexible schedule.
– Must be comfortable with heights, including climbing ladders.

Instructions to Apply:

Send a resume, two references, and a letter of intent to Bradley Burkhalter, Associate Production Manager, at

To apply for this job email your details to

Pay Rate/Range*: Salaried, $55,000 - $65,000, Depending on experience