Mudlark Theater is looking for a director of color to co-direct an original play with youth this fall.

ABOUT FOSTER’S CHILDREN (working title): Mudlark Theater and its community partners are collaborating on a new play that will follow the lives of students during the desegregation of Evanston public schools. Specifically, it will chronicle the loss of Foster School, the district’s only all-black school, which was closed in 1976. The loss of this community cornerstone impacted the life of the neighborhood in ways that residents are still grappling with today. In bringing history to life, the play will ask difficult questions about our society today—and whether our nation’s public schools are any closer to racial equity now than they were then.

To conduct research for the show, Mudlark is partnering with Shorefront, a historical center that chronicles the black experience on Chicago’s North Shore. Our writers will explore Shorefront’s archives and conduct interviews with former Foster School students, parents, and teachers. The majority-black cast will combine youth actors from Mudlark and The Art of Evolution, a local theater company and enrichment program for children of color. The cast will also include a few professional adult actors to play teachers and parents.

ABOUT THE POSITION: We are looking to hire a director of color for this position. Ideal candidates will have a background in the performance aspect of theater (acting, improv, directing, dance, music, fight choreography, etc.) and/or a background in teaching theater to young adults ages 10-14.

Our rehearsals blend fun and work. A typical rehearsal starts and ends with warm-ups and games that build acting and ensemble skills. We value both the social and artistic experience of theater-making. Our approach to directing youth actors is heavily in-the-room focused; we find the most effective way for their characters and ultimately the play to take shape is through immediate feedback, repetition, and side coaching from our directors.

Rehearsal Schedule: Show will rehearse either T/Th/Sat or M/W/F in Evanston. Weekday rehearsals typically run between 4:30-7:00pm and Saturday rehearsals take place during the 10am-2pm window, for 2-3 hours.

Rehearsal Start: Mid-September 2019

Tech: January 17th – January 22nd, 2020

Performances: January 23rd – February 9th

Hours: 7-10 hours per week, with hours increasing during tech.

Stipend: This is a paid position.

ABOUT MUDLARK: Mudlark Theater is a not-for-profit organization where children are taken seriously as artists and learn theater by making it.

As a rule, the general public expects little of children in theater. Mudlark’s goal is to raise that expectation. By holding children to a higher standard and empowering them to make strong artistic choices, we create the possibility for great theater—vibrant, funny, compelling shows that erase the boundary between youth and professional theater.

Instructions to Apply:

Interested applicants should email resumes to Artistic Director Andrew Biliter at andrew@mudlarktheater.org. Applicants may be contacted to set-up an interview.

For more information on our organization please visit our website at www.mudlarktheater.org.

To apply for this job email your details to andrew@mudlarktheater.org

Pay Range: This is a paid position.