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Oswego East High School in Oswego, IL (ON-SITE)


All applicants must submit through District Applitrack Site for consideration.

Date Available:


Rate of Pay:

This is a full-time position and the rate is based on experience.

Assistant District Theatre Manager Duties (Directly related to Performing Arts Centers):


  • Approve scheduling of OEHS auditorium.
  • Perform maintenance in auditoriums under the supervision of District Theater Manager.
  • Assist in consulting with Jr. High Schools and elementary schools on their performance space needs, obtain quotes, and authorization for new purchases, as needed.

Event Manager

  • Setup all school events in the PAC, including but not limited to band and choir concerts, Drama club needs, Inductions, awards assemblies, staff meetings, District 308 presentations, and rental events setup.
  • Be point of contact for renters in OHPAC and at OEPAC as needed.

Box Office Manager

  • Create tickets as needed for events through use of online ticketing system, train staff on ticketing system, sell tickets, manage transactions, and keep up to date with artwork and performance dates.

Production Staff Supervisor

  • Supervise student staff, Fine Arts Coordinators, coordinate with facilities for clean-up/ setup needs, supervise renters & in house (District 308) production load-ins.
  • Train new staff/ district employees on proper use of lighting, video, and sound systems in the PAC. Supervise all technical rehearsals and performances. Note: All non-PAC Staff will need to be supervised when using the PAC systems.

House Rigger

  • Hang / rig any flying scenery with high safety and industry standards. Maintain fly system and rigging equipment at OEHS.

Lighting Tech/ Designer

  • Program lighting console, create lighting looks on as needed basis, and determine lighting color for house- hang, and maintenance for lighting fixtures and equipment.

Sound Tech/ Designer

  • Operate and maintain all sound system equipment i.e. microphones, speakers, mixers, amps, computers, equalizers, and playback devices. Design mic/ speaker system uses for audio recording as needed.

Scene Shop Foreman

  • Maintain and purchase with approval all saws, hand tools, hardware, and shop equipment. Construct scenery as needed or required for PAC (Not including Drama Club builds). Work with Technical Directors and teachers to keep shop clean and usable.

Video Technician/ projectionist

  • Setup projector as needed for presentation, video playback.
  • Set up video and audio for school wide broadcasting.
  • Design and install video systems as needed for the PAC as well as at the request of District 308.

Drama Club

  • Be at Technical Rehearsals and performances, in the role of Theatre Manager/ Box office Manager.
  • Rigging any flying scenery or other effects as needed.
  • Advise on space limitations.
  • Inspect scenery, and determine if any scenery is unsafe.

Duties not- directly related to PAC

  • Consult on audio systems within housed high school including but not limited to, atrium, gyms, and all sports stadiums at the request of Administration.
  • Research/ consult on products for new purchases outside of PAC such as video and audio equipment. At the direction of the District Theater Manager or District 308 Administration.
  • Set up video systems to broadcast to the rest of the school for events that request it. For PAC related events
  • Assisting with Technical Theatre Classes on the proper use of systems and techniques.
  • Consult with Drama Directors about scenery and technical setup of show choir show.
Instructions to Apply:

Please visit the link below to submit an application. Applicants can also apply for Technical AV Assistant position at the same to maximize their chances for an interview.

To apply for this job please visit

Pay Rate/Range*: $40,000-$50,000
Organization Address: 4175 Rt 71 Oswego, IL 60543
Organization Contact Name: Scott Bedell
Organization Email Contact: