Pride Films and Plays is seeking a Prop Designer for AMERICA’S BEST OUTCAST TOY.

Synopsis:  We all know the story of the outcast toys and how they were rescued from their island by a certain famous reindeer (may he rest in peace). But what became of the outcast toys when they came back to America? They became huge celebrities, of course! Now, years later, they return to the island to compete in a series of challenges where they must sing, model, design fashion, outwit/outplay/outlast and bake cakes, and of course, dance for their lives, all to prove that they are AMERICA’S BEST. And the audience actually determines the results with their vote, meaning every night can be a whole new show!

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals have already started.

Tech – 11/18 through 11/28

1st preview – 11/29

Opening – 12/3

Closing – 1/12

Instructions to Apply:

Send resume to pridecrew@gmail.com with "Xmas Props" in the subject line.

To apply for this job email your details to pridefilmsandplays@gmail.com

Pay Range: Stipend