Theater Administrators/Artists/Decision Makers

  • Contract / Stipend
  • Chicago
  • August 15, 2022

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What we’re looking for:

Passionate Theater Makers/Administrators/Decision Makers who want to run the show to join our Cadre. We are seeking people who want to help run our unique and growing little theater company, The Conspirators (see below for more info on us!) In the Cadre you have space to carve out a role for yourself that plays to your passions and interests while working toward the common good of the company.  For example… you love posting on Instagram, you may be our Social Media Manager or you’re a great people person, you may be our next Company Manager etc.  This is a great way to learn and get resume experience for theater makers new to administration and also a great way to have fun and make really wild and exciting theater art. If what we do looks fun to you, we’d love to talk to you about your skills and interests—you tell us what sort of role you’d like to fill

How we Operate:

Instead of the more traditional corporate or collective structure of many theater companies, The Conspirators are arranged in concentric circles of commitment and responsibility. The “outer circle” is an affiliation of like-minded artists versed in our signature “Style,” ready to lend a hand. The inner circle, the “Cadre,” is the group of decision-makers and task-accomplishers. They are the company’s beating heart. In that group are roles like Literary Manager, Development Director, Company Manager, Company Production Manager and Associate Producers. The Artistic Director, Producing Director, and Managing Director are at the core of the Cadre, taking the most ownership and responsibility in operations, production, and the art.

All programs are conceived, developed and executed by The Cadre, with help from the rest of The Conspirators. The Artistic Director makes final programming decisions, the Producing Director oversees all the logistics of production, and the Managing Director oversees marketing, budgeting and tracking. Administrative duties are shared by the entire Cadre.

Prospective Cadre members can of course be involved in performance and production of our work in any way they’d like, so theater artists of all mediums are welcome in some roles there are stipends available during production! BIPOC and LBGTQIA+ folks are highly encouraged to join us.

Who we are:

The Conspirators are a (still relatively new) theater & performance collective in Chicago dedicated to provoking thought and action through dynamic, immediate theater art. Besides the implication of collaborating to topple oppression, the verb “conspire” literally means to “breathe together.” The Conspirators believe in conspiring committedly with fellow artists who are “down for the cause” to make provocative theater art, undermine the status quo and promote positive social change. Check out our website here:

Instructions to Apply:

Please send an e-mail describing your interest and include any experience you think would be useful to

To apply for this job email your details to

Pay Rate/Range*: $0-$100 Stipend Possible