The Conspirators are looking to work with a knowledgeable Zoom-show producer for a one-time-only, free admission, live online program on April 4th, 2021. You must be free on this date. We’d like to utilize a live host with other live and recorded segments woven in—like a variety night on Zoom! Any leads from other League members who’ve done this sort of thing would be appreciated as well. Check out other stuff we’ve done on our website, www.conspirewithus.org. Clearly, this will be a Covid-free, remote, no-touchy-no-feely, electronic gig. Pay is negotiable, depending on the producer’s desired amount of involvement.


Instructions to Apply:

Please respond to this posting with a resumé and a brief description of similar Zoom-like work you've done.

To apply for this job email your details to conspire@conspirewithus.org

Pay Rate/Range*: $100-500