About Valiant Theatre:

Valiant Theater is committed to revealing and illuminating stories of real people and historical events marked by courage, valor, and determination.

We tell the stories of the Valiant, to inspire others to live their lives more valiantly.

Manager of Marketing and Web Presence:

This role is crucial to the effective overall public representation of Valiant Theater. In general, this position will be responsible for the execution of marketing plans/strategies, while also managing the company’s overall presence on the web via the company site and social media accounts.

Duties include:

·       Collaborate with director level positions to develop strategies to market individual productions, outreach events, classes/workshops, fundraising activities, and any other ticketed events.

·       Spearhead the creation of all marketing and promotional materials. Collaborating with the Director of Marketing/PR and/or the Managing Director to contract graphic designer, liaising between the designer and production team to ensure visual marketing effectively represents Valiant’s aesthetic, the themes of the production and effectively targets the desired audience.

·       Lead and collaborate with the other staff to develop and implement a detailed tracking system to ensure marketing dollars are used to their maximum benefit.

·       Ensures Valiant maintains an active and exciting web presence, through a web site and social media accounts that effectively represent the activities, and values of Valiant Theater. This presence must engage the current audience while also expanding visibility and interest to new patrons.

·       Direct Reports Include: Marketing Associates

·       Other duties as assigned.

·       Reports to: Director of Marketing/PR, Managing Director

This is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in joining a new company, with a truly unique mission, and artistic voice. The successful candidate will have an opportunity for upward movement, and an increased voice in the organization over time. Valiant’s founders have MFA’s in their respective areas of expertise, and decades of individual experience in the professional theatre markets of cities like Chicago, New York, Dallas, and Pittsburgh.

Instructions to Apply:

Please submit resume and cover letter to valianttheatrechicago@gmail.com

To apply for this job email your details to valianttheatrechicago@gmail.com

Pay Range: Volunteer
Organization Email Contact: valianttheatrechicago@gmail.com